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Snakes in the grass

December 5, 2023.

and the beauty of the spider’s web

They say it takes three times as many positive experiences to have a memorable impact on our slowly evolving lizard brain than one bad one. We’re primed to be on the lookout for snakes in the grass, rather than appreciate the beauty of the spider’s web.

Here are five quick tips for redirecting those neural pathways towards contentment:

1.    Pause for two minutes. In between meetings or tasks, take two minutes to pay attention to the rich complexity of the present moment. Open your senses to the quality of the light, to the sounds passing across your awareness, to the temperature of the air or the touch of clothes on your skin.

2.    Pass on a compliment. So often we spend time looking to evaluate, improve, or judge others. Why not tell someone what you appreciate about them instead? Let it be something beyond mere appearance, something rich in their nature, their way of thinking, their laugh, how they take care with their work.

3.    Enjoy what you are doing. So often we look to change things, to make more space in our days to “do what you love.” Why not try enjoying what you’re doing? Even in the most boring or tedious task, find the gem of pleasure.

4.    Help someone. It could be something as small as holding the door open, spending a moment in conversation with someone you usually walk past, painting placards for the next march, or gifting your time to a favourite charity.

5.    Spend the last fifteen minutes of your day in reflection. Commit to a simple practice of noting three things you are grateful for, a journal entry about a small success or meaningful connection you made, or just taking a moment to meditate on the beauty of this one precious life we have now.

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