inthefield coaching + yoga

mind + body

By integrating the sensing mind with the feeling body, we feel whole and in tune with the wonder of our divine human nature.

This is the foundation for all we bring to the world.

Join me on the path.

yoga + mindfulness practices

providing private, semi-private, and group training in classical yoga and mindfulness to support personal wellbeing and the unfurling of inner peace for the benefit of all

→ private sessions

Private and semi-private sessions are a great way to go deeper in your yoga inquiry or for folk who prefer the comfort and connection of working one-on-one. Sessions are based on the specific needs and goals of each person. In addition to the deep wisdom of yogic teachings, private sessions may also draw on a number of other somatic, therapeutic, and coaching tools to support the unfolding of your inner nature.

→ studio classes

Like a moving meditation, christine’s classes cultivate fluidity, stability, flexibility, core integrity, and deep calm in a supportive space that honours each student’s unique presence. You can find her at various commercial studios and community centres in and around Vancouver and Gabriola, BC.

→ workshops

Custom workshops, retreats or special series offer dedicated time to experience a particular pose or practice in depth, including the more subtle aspects of asana, pranayama, and meditation. In the workshop format, we can play, move more attentively, and explore the rich layers of the body, breath, and mind as if these seemingly familiar things were unfamiliar. In doing so, we may discover new approaches and more about ourselves.

The seven principles of Vijñāna yoga are the core principles of christine’s teaching: embodying ease, establishing a quiet mind, focusing through intention, finding lightness through ground, balancing connection, awareness of breath, and cultivating inner and outer spaciousness. You can learn more at Vijñāna Yoga International

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. i’ll meet you there”


christine teaches classic yoga flow, restorative movement, meditation, and breathwork to adults of all levels and abilities, including seniors, new parents, and those recovering from illness or injury. She is certified in Vijñāna yoga (2018), Hatha and Ashtanga (2012), and Restorative yoga (2013). christine in currently completing her Prenatal and Postnatal certification. She is a registered E-RYT 200 teacher with the Yoga Alliance with over 1000 hours of training and a decade of teaching experience.