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Going Fallow

September 21, 2023.

I’ve never really been a fan of the tech bro motto, “move fast and break things.”

Sure, there are situations where the next step needs to be determined by decisive impulse, or where we are compelled by the speed of change to adapt quickly to a whole new normal. Sometimes innovation can shift us into a whole new field of possibility.

But I’ve never really believed in the narrative of better, faster, stronger or growth at all costs. If recent climate impacts and the widening inequities of late-stage capitalism have taught us anything, it’s that speed and disruption can be harmful to the planet and to the flourishing of human potential.

So, I’ve been taking a different tack to growing my business this summer, “go slow and restore.” Not to say I haven’t been busy – but busy underground, retaining moisture, adding nutrients, contemplating different crops, cleaning and clearing, allowing a mineral wisdom to surface. Seeding the soil with the question of how to nourish a field of work with consciousness and care.

Here are a few things I discovered:

  • Tend to things daily. Momentum is nurtured by even the smallest attention.
  • Getting dirty is part of the process. It’s hard work to shift careers and mistakes will be made.
  • More hands make for lighter work. Problems are best solved in community.
  • Harvest at the right time. Results come from value that is rich, meaningful, and in tune with what’s needed.
  • The seasons shift. Imperceptibly and inevitably. Don’t get stuck, lean into change!

What might you learn by slowing down and going fallow for a time or a season?

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