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It is not easy carving a new path, especially using an out-of-date guide.

field n. 1. an area of open land. 2. a branch of study or sphere of activity. 3. a space or range within which objects are visible. 4. all the participants involved. 5. the region in which a force is effective. 6. a system subject to binary operations.

field guide n. 1. a handbook, usually illustrated, in which a surveyor notes down observations in order to support the identification of objects discovered in the field.

in the field 1. engaged in practical work.

—adapted from Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster

It’s time to map out a new field of inquiry.

Time to undo the binary of work vs. life. Time to bring our whole selves to the challenge of identifying new ways of being and doing. Time to discover creative resources, engage our inner wisdom, and work with others to explore the impact of bringing conscious life to work.

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    December 28, 2022 ‘Tis the time of year where, in many cultures, we gather with friends and family, joining in community to celebrate that transition from darkness to light. It is also the season of deep quiet transformation and the perfect time to lay in intention for we want to nurture in the new year. […]
  • Mushrooms for later
    November 14, 2022 Tending to the fruits of your labour. I spent the weekend inoculating logs with Shiitake mushroom mycelium. Drill, plug, wax, roll, repeat… 200x. Then wait. Small tedium today for what could be a sumptuous feast in the future. Sometimes running your own small coaching business feels like this too: a lot of […]
  • Friendly giants
    October 14, 2022 Big things are a-coming! Are you up for the task? i’ve been having that feeling ‘midterm overwhelm’ creeping in. It’s a pattern my fellow (recovering) academics will recognize, and one so ingrained in someone who spent half their adult life in educational institutions that it is almost unconscious. At university both as […]

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