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light is an invitation to happiness, and that happiness,

when it’s done right, is a kind of holiness, palpable and redemptive.

Inside the bright fields…

—Mary Oliver, “Poppies”

My story

Most of my working life has been in service of others.

Whether as a union activist, as a university instructor, creative collaborator, or administrative professional in the arts, as a yoga teacher and meditation guide, informal coach and mentor, or as an executive assistant, business development manager and strategic partner to leadership in both the public and private sectors, i have dedicated myself to creating frameworks and conditions for the flourishing of big visions.

It is easy to be a champion other people. Much harder to do for one’s self.

And it was only in the depths of a debilitating round of burnout that i realized something needed to shift in the way i was doing things. i needed to be my own champion. i needed to stand up, wake up, step out, be seen, if i really wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the people and organizations around me. To really help get those big visions off the ground.

Because the visions are getting bigger, more important and more urgent, especially post-pandemic and in the wake of a climate emergency. We need to bring more consciousness to the way we work. Because how we work and what we work at can change the world.

The shift started with a vision.

A vision of a poppy in the field—delicate, sensitive, taller than all the others. Like a poppy, our time in this world is brief. And despite being afraid of the scythe of judgment and failure, the path from bud to blossom requires unfolding to both the darkness and the light.

Sometimes the poppy risks being cut down for its beauty and its audacity.

So i started upskilling and began to reach a little higher into the field. i recommitted to my daily yoga practice, threw out some old limiting beliefs, and beta-tested a few wacky ideas on my friends.

i started working towards co-active coaching certification, joined a program of study in conscious business practices, and got a coach. i stopped being ashamed for being ambitious and for choosing what i was called to do. It wasn’t long before i set up my own business and started sharing what i know with others.

But it is worth remembering that nothing exquisite comes without fear.

In the field we are never alone. We are all connected.

Whether your dream is personal or professional, for your inner life, your organization, or the world, let me support you by helping clarify the ground underneath, planting the seed, and connecting to the power of your commitment to blossom and change.

Don’t be shy, Poppy.

christine stoddard, BA (Hons), MA, MFA, PhD, E-RYT, FCC

“Don’t be afraid to be the tallest poppy in the field.”


109-211 Main St Vancouver BC V5T 3C6 Canada